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The way you want it, when you need it

I have a good understanding of the needs of Sheffield schools and Local Authority processes. I will support you in putting wellbeing first, followed by support in assessing, understanding and securing the provision your children need. From direct therapeutic work to helping with moderation of the Sheffield Support Grid, I work with the individual ethos of each of my schools.

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I am able to conduct pre-statutory assessments and consultation for all ages for the following purposes:

  • The request to assess process

  • Generation of a report with suggested provision linked to need, to inform targeted support of a child.

  • Support in meetings with parents or other agencies, such as an SEN review or when an element of mediation may be required, to support shared understanding of a child's strengths and needs.

  • Facilitate solution-focused consultations around a child which leads to enhanced understanding and new ideas to work with. I may use 'Planning Alternative Tomorrow's with Hope' (PATH) or other visual, inclusive model so that everyone can access the same understanding.

  • Play-based or dynamic assessment to understand affective factors involved in how a child learns. This includes 'how' they learn (not just what they know) and considers potential.

  • Cognitive assessment to ascertain if there are underlying cognitive difficulties present.

  • Functional Assessment of Behaviour and completing a 'Multi-Element Plan'. This is to help understand and mediate challenging behaviour.

  • Strategis for specific areas if need such as Executive Functioning, ADHD, Physical Regulation etc. These range from Quality First Teaching through to specialist targeted support informed by the most current psychological understanding.

  • Staff supervision (wellbeing or practical problem solving)

  • Help with strengthening My Plans, moderating Sheffield Support Grid (SSG) or looking at provision mapping

  • Anything else that we collaboratively come up with!

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Now is the time to really prioritise children's mental health. Any professional working with children will know the statistics, that an overwhelming 2/3rds of adults with mental health problems had the onset while they were still a child or teenager. And it doesn't even take a miracle to do something about it.

My individual therapy work is from a 6 week short-term block through to longer term in-depth psychotherapeutic work. This happens at your school and is bespoke to the individual young person. Click on 'individual therapy' tab for more on methodology. I can come for one child or spend up to a day at your school seeing individual children.

'ACTivate!' is a group program, evolved and informed from 15 years of creating and delivering child development programs, along with skills and training in the latest evidence based practice. 

It is an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy program specifically created for children and teens (the 'DNA-v' model created by Louise Hayes), but also combining elements of yoga and breathwork in line with a trauma informed approach of emphasising physical regulation. Sessions use creative arts and playfulness at times when children may not have the vocabulary or ability to use words alone. Myself and the children I work with form a relationship of trust and teamwork, as I support them to discover their values and strengths, learn how to notice thoughts, feelings and body sensations and develop a toolkit to manage the self-critical voice.

ACTivate! is an 8-week group intervention for up to 5 students. Key focus includes building resiliance, self-awareness, connecting to values and an ability to manage difficult thoughts and feelings.


Because my approach can be mediated as to how much verbal and cognitive skills are required, children with different special educational needs are able to access my therapy programs.

Therapy services can be purchased seperately or used as hours from your bought in EP service package. 


All of my training, whatever the topic involves getting up and having a go. The best way to learn is through experiencing, and there are always a lot of smiles and playfulness in my sessions. 

I am an experienced trainer, having delivered training for many years before even becoming an EP. I created and delivered training on Creative Arts Therapies to doctors and psychiatrists accross Malaysia, Mindfulness for mums in Sheffield, using drama and play for Autism in London and a miriad of topics relavent to child development and staff wellbeing during my time as an EP. 

If you have a training need, and I don't have a program already made, I can create it. Even if I do have one, I always tweak every piece of work I do to fit your individual school.

Examples of training I created and found most popular over the past couple of years:

- Suicide and self-harm

- Physical regulation

- Staff wellbeing

- ADHD understanding and strategies

- Play-based approaches for ASC: learning and engagement

- Restorative Practice

- Trauma informed strategies

Training is priced either per person (locality level) or per school. We are all finding new ways to carry on with this due to COvid-19. Please get in touch for more. Virtual training is also available.



30 x5 minute classroom strategies: Connection, Grounding and Compassion (2 hours)

Are you ever trying to teach when you feel like the class needs a reset button? Do you ever look around and children are flying out of their seats with pencils catapulting about? Do you ever wish you had a magic wand to make your children just stop, think about things, and breathe?

In this training I will share 30 x5 minute strategies for all of the above. They draw on mindfulness, play, yoga, breathwork and embodiment. The impact of all of them includes physical regulation first, followed by targeted elements of connection (to self and others), grounding or compassion.

These can be built into the day at points you know are difficult, such as straight after lunch or Monday mornings, or pulled out of the bag whenever you need. Even better, have them all written on little laminates or lollypop sticks and get children to pick one having encouraged reflection on what they think they need right now.

Drawing on ACT and a Trauma informed approach, incorporating breath and body-work (embodiment).

Therapy Session
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