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Client experience

"Hi Abi, just got back today from the most amazing 3 months in America! Working at camp was the happiest I've been in as long as I can remember and I went travelling for a month too, the last part alone. I've made some friends for life, learnt to show my emotions and cry in front of people and also learnt that I can do anything in life that I want to. Don't think I could've tackled this without your previous help so thank you so much for everything! x"
Supported from aged 17 years for anxiety

"Thank you for today's session and for the whole journey that we have been working together. Its really been a time to self-discover. I got to know some really dark parts of me. I also found the water and the sunshine and other ingredients to help me grow again, too.
Thank you for holding space for and with me"

Following long-term work with mid 20s female student

"Just this past week, from the one session, I've stared to make so many positive changes. I'm so excited for this journey now. You know your shit!" 
Following virtual sessions with mid-20's male

"I contacted Abigail at the point of total collapse of the mental health of my daughter just over twelve months ago. Abigail is a true and consummate professional and seemed to know exactly what my daughter needed. She has shown understanding and empathy at all times and without hesitation has gone above and beyond in taking very seriously her duty of care for my daughter. Abi understands the pressures that young people experience and is able to relate directly at their level whilst being aware of the impact of multifaceted issues, severe mental health/ suicidal thoughts and actions have on carers.
I will always be indebted to Abi as she is a very special individual who through lots of talking, tears laughter, firm communication, moral support and insightful sessions for both has made such a difference to our lives. It has been a long and traumatic journey but my daughter has come back from the point of no return to being able to take the opportunity to look at the world with fresh, optimistic eyes and although we have some way to go, I am hopeful about the future and feeling much stronger.
Thank you Abi  - your support, wisdom and belief mean so much to us."

Mother of teenage girl

"It was a little daunting for my daughter attending counselling with someone she had never met before, but she was very quickly put at ease and made to feel accepted and understood. The sessions with Abigail have proven to be very beneficial for my daughter to understand herself better, and she has always felt safe and able to share as needed.The use of creativity has definitely been a useful tool in assisting her progress."
Mother of a girl I saw from Y6 to Y8

"I have been putting off therapy for years, I knew I had to deal with past trauma, relationships, anxiety, self doubt and the rest but it can be super daunting. As I have unpicked and understood myself I have been able to get a real grasp on my life and propel forward into whatever I desire.

Abi has a bespoke strategy where every session is hand crafted to you and she puts in so much more work around the 1hr of a usual session. I have regained confidence, put demons to bed from the past and created an almost safety net every week just in case anything happens.

I had originally planned to have a block of 6 sessions, but now I have them weekly just to check in and to deal with anxious thoughts or big events in my life. I could really feel the difference after 6 sessions and made more edgeways than I have for the last 7 years of trying to deal with things.

I would've never been able to make the progress so far without it. My life has been transformed. Abi is an absolute professional, her therapy style suits me to the ground and I think it will suit most. Don't look anywhere else, honestly, this is the therapist for you... take it from me!"

Adult male

"Thank you Abi, I've really enjoyed my sessions with you. I am now much more self aware of the way I I feel and how to help it. You have shown me many different strategies that are very helpful to me. I particularly enjoyed the creative sessions, they really helped me to understand my thoughts and feelings in a visual way. Now, I feel much more able to cope with feeling anxious."
Teenage girl

"Thank you so much for the time you have spent with my daughter. It's so lovely to see her back to her old self. She actually really enjoyed the sessions and was more than happy to see you each week. I could see her gradually smiling more and seeming 'lighter' and more confident. I couldn't ask for more."
Mother of teenage girl

"The tools you gave me and the counselling I had from work, together with a hugely strong network of support around me has undoubtedly stood me in good stead to weather the last few years.  Don’t get me wrong, I have had some very dark moments along the way, but utilising the tools I learned from our time together helped tremendously. I owe you a debt of gratitude for helping me come out of the dark and into a much healthier and happier place."
Adult female

"I was a client of Abi’s for quite a few years. She’s one of the best therapists I ever had, and I am so thankful to have met her at the time I did. She helped a younger me stay afloat – I still reflect on all the things we talked about, especially art. I felt understood, even though some sessions were tough, it felt like a breath of fresh to be there. I could be open, without judgement – and that I value above anything else.

Abi was there to support me, even when no one else could – even when my school become my own personal hell. She helped me through some of the worst years of my life, and for that I am forever grateful."


"I received help and guidance from Abby in lockdown as I was particularly struggling with a work/friendship breakdown which was traumatic. Abby talked through technics I could work through which really helped me with my feelings, I still now remember and use the things she taught me.I would recommend Abby if you need any help if you are struggling with your mental health. So friendly and approachable. Thank you!"
Female adult

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